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  • For more information about general services for refugees in Hungary and for persons fleeing Ukraine into Hungary, please consult the UNHCR Help page for Hungary or the UNICEF Help App for Hungary, also available in Hungarian.
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Information and services in Hungary

Legal Stay


Where to apply for temporary protection:

To speed up the process, you may consider uploading your data  in advance to the “Menedekes” app or via the Enter Hungary interface


Work, livelihood and cash assistance

Those who are granted temporary protection and are over the age of 16 can work without a work permit. Applicants for temporary protection who are permanent residents of Ukraine and who arrived from Ukraine on or after 24 February 2022 and have Hungarian citizenship can also be public employees above the age of 16.


  • Financial assistance for Temporary Protection holders:
    • You may submit an application to the labour authority within the government office where you live. Map of District Offices is available here.
    • The amount of the allowance is HUF 22,800 per person per month for adults and HUF 13,700 per person per month for children.
    • An adult beneficiary of temporary protection who is able to work and a child beneficiary of temporary protection over 16 years of age (if they are not attending full-time education) must first register for employment with the labour authority in the place of residence.

Medical care, psychological help and disability support

As a beneficiary of Temporary Protection, you are entitled to the following free healthcare if you are not covered by social security:

  • Primary care (i.e., general practitioner, general pediatrician)
  • Emergency outpatient specialist care or hospital care
  • Prenatal care, obstetric care
  • Subsidized medicines (it is important to know that Ukrainian citizens who do not apply for temporary protection can access medicines at full price after 30 days)
  • Oncology and other chronic diseases care
  • Emergency dental care
  • Patient transport (ambulance) if your medical condition prevents you from being transported otherwise
  • Other medical aids and their repair, with doctor’s prescription
  • Age-specific compulsory vaccination:


Healthcare info

Healthcare and mental health care resources


    Disability support


    COVID-19 vaccination



    Applicants for and beneficiaries of Temporary Protection are entitled to free accommodation and meals at the reception center for the entire duration of temporary protection. Meals are part of the accommodation. A food service is provided at all reception centers. Meals will be provided at the reception center 3 times a day, or five times a day in the case of minors, pregnant women or nursing mothers, or an equivalent contribution to meals.


    Education and childcare

    • Education is compulsory between the age of 3 and 16 in Hungary. Refugees, asylum seekers and children in subsidiary protection status, as well as temporary protection status holders, have the right to go to nursery care, kindergarten (from the age of 3) and to school, like all Hungarian children. Kindergartens, primary and secondary education is free of charge in Hungary in public institutions.
    • Nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools are obliged to offer access to their institutions for all children within their educational districts, unless they do not have the capacity to do so. In these cases, the child should have access to a neighboring school. Children over the age of 3 years are obliged to attend kindergarten, primarily in the kindergarten nearest to where you live. Information on how to fulfil the obligation to attend kindergarten is provided by the local authority.
    • Pre-school children and all students under the age of 14 with a valid Hungarian student card are entitled to free travel on Budapest’s Budapest Public Transport (BKK) lines and on the Budapest section of the surrounding buses and HÉV lines.



      • Resources for children
        • Bebbo App A free mobile application developed by UNICEF for parents of young children (0-6 years old) with tools and expert advice on health, development, nutrition, parenting, safety, play and many more. Dowload Bebbo App from Google Play or AppStore

      Social assistance

      Community support :

      Large church/charitable aid organizations providing humanitarian assistance (e.g., accommodation, food):

        Safety, protection and legal aid





            Child protection and children helplines

              Blue Line Children’s Crisis Foundationoffers a telephone and written helpline service in Ukrainian to children and young people up to the age of 24. 

                    Unaccompanied children

                    You are considered an unaccompanied child if you are under 18 years of age and have arrived in Hungary from Ukraine alone (i.e., you do not have an adult relative with you, such as a parent or guardian) or are currently alone in the country. 

                    If you are over 14 but under 18, you can submit the application for Temporary Protection yourself. According to the law, you are entitled to a legal guardian and the authorities may  appoint a legal guardian for you, after assessing your situation.. If you are younger than 14, you will need the consent and help of a legal guardian to manage your application for temporary protection, so the first and most important step is to have a legal guardian. If you do not have a legal guardian with you, you can contact the asylum authority, the police or the local guardianship office and they will help you with the appointment of a legal guardian. 

                    You can apply for temporary protection: 

                    • at Záhony collection point 
                    • In Budapest, at the OIF Budapest Customer Service Office ( 1108 Harmat Street 131. Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm) 
                    • At any government office 

                    To speed up the process, you may consider uploading your data  in advance to the “Menedekes” app or via the Enter Hungary interface 







                      • Transportation allowance: 
                        • The allowance covers 100% of the fare price.
                        • It can be claimed available for interurban transport (e.g., train, HÉV, regional train and bus services)
                        • It can be requested if you have a certificate from the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing for a specific purpose, e.g., when you are dealing with an official matter, when you are receiving the health care you are entitled to, when you are participating in a program to help you integrate or you are being helped by a non-governmental organization and you are travelling there, to settle your accommodation, or to look for a job or to work. ,
                        • You must submit your application to the OIF (in person at the regional directorate responsible for accommodation) together with the documents proving that you wish to travel for the above purposes

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