Mother and son UNHCR’s cash assistance centre in Warsaw


Blue Dot Country Information

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Here is what you can do in this page:

  • Look at the map to find the nearest Blue Dot and all the active Blue Dots in Poland.
  • Search for information and organizations active in Poland, through the below sections.
  • See how you and persons you are traveling with can stay safe during your journey.
  • Provide us with feedback and/or complain and flag harmful behaviours you or any of the persons traveling with you witnessed or suffered from.
  • For more information about general services for refugees in Poland and for persons fleeing Ukraine into Poland, please consult the UNHCR Help page for Poland.

Information and services in Poland

Legal Stay

Work, livelihood and cash assistance

Medical care, psychological help and disability support


Education and childcare


    Social assistance

    Safety, protection and legal aid


    Child protection and children helplines



    Find a Blue Dot 

    Click on a Blue Dot to know its location, directions, opening hours and available services