Seeking information, protection and social services in the EU

If you are fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, you must be granted access to the EU. Under the Temporary Protection Directive, if eligible, you will be granted temporary protection in the EU, meaning that you will be able to stay in the EU for at least one year and will be given a residence permit, access to education and to the labour market, as well as access to social protection schemes. However, such schemes vary from country to country, and if you need some country-specific information, you can visit the related Country Hub page.

Here you can instead find a list of updated non-country specific information which may help navigate different national social and protection systems across EU and understand how to access services and enjoy your rights no matter where you are.


Are you looking for a place to stay?

Are you looking forward to enrolling your children in school?

How does the health care system in EU work and how can you access free medical care?

Are you looking an employment?

Are you aware of trafficking and other severe protection risks you may be exposed to and where to seek help?

Are you looking for specific information and protection services for children and adolescents?

Are you looking for a family member?

Are you looking for legal support and legal information on the different countries?